Success Stories

Remove the uncertainty!
“I would happily recommend the Wellness 101 class for any person who’s been toying with the idea of changing their health and food habits but needs an extra nudge and some more information. It’s a quick, easy way to get an overview of where we are with food and how food affects our health, especially in the Western cultures. For me, it was a great jumping off point and since taking the class I find myself cooking more whole foods, shopping more carefully, and frequenting my farmer’s markets. It took the uncertainty out of trying and cooking ‘weird’ vegetables and now I am having fun in the kitchen again!”Rebecca West, Rivalee Redesign

82 Pounds And Counting!
“I have lost 82 pounds so far (number rapidly increasing!) dancing, weight-lifting, and following a whole foods primarily vegan diet. The information I learned in Wellness 101 increased my knowledge of nutrition and has been incredibly useful in my continued efforts to reach a healthy weight. I would recommend the class to both beginners and those who have already been pursuing this path. I have been a vegetarian for 22 years, and although I have been reading up on nutrition for many years, I feel like the class gave me a lot of details I didn’t know.”Cathy Tenzo

Sorting Out Fact From Fiction
“There is so much information coming at me from all areas of my life, that it is really difficult to sift out, fact from fiction. This is where Barry and the Wellness 101 course comes in. He is my personal wellness filter. He has the perfect mix of a scientific background (PhD. no less) and the personal passion to help people lead a healthy, happy life. Thanks Barry for making healthy learning and living easy and fun.”Wendy Porter, Life Coach

A Great Place To Start!
“Your program is a wonderful foundation for anyone wanting to change their diet and lifestyle habits to improve or regain their health. Barry’s class is a great place to start!”Rebecca R

Wellness Is For Families!
“We really enjoyed the class. It made us both more aware of what we eat. Christina now has a fruit smoothie every morning instead of those horrible fruit bars that are loaded with calories. She even has me drinking them.  Since we took your class she has lost 4 pounds without doing anything except just eating better food. Thanks a lot for changing our eating habits and steering us towards a more healthy life.” Bob Barry and daughter Christina

Wellness Can Be Fun!
“Very informative and fun! Barry, you are a great instructor and role model. We look forward to continuing to participate.”Connie and Bill Buckingham

Think Again!
“If you’re like me, you might think you already know a lot about nutrition. Think again! The folklore of nutrition promoted by the Dairy Council and others interested in profit undermine our health in ways that will surprise you.”Sandy Marafino

Motivated to make big changes!
“Barry is clear and organized in presenting his materials. This is a great basic wellness course for beginners and for more experienced people. I learned a lot – and was motivated to make big changes.”Pamela Patton, Bayview Retirement Community.

A New Lifestyle!
“I am so surprised that now I would consider this a new lifestyle. My family has always cooked Asian dishes full of oil and meats, but now I realize that I can eat for nutrition instead of just eating for taste. I sleep better, I feel lighter after eating, and make better choices throughout the day about food.”Angelo O

Go now! Don’t wait until you are ready!
Have doubts? Do you think you’re going to enter the class saying, “I will go but I’m never giving up …(fill in your favorite),” and then take these to the class. So, don’t wait until you’re ready. Go now! Non-judgmental atmosphere.”Bill S.

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