What Are Your Healthy Aging Intentions For 2021?

How are those New Year resolutions going?

If you did make any, have you looked at them?

According to some statistics, less than 8% of people actually stick to their resolutions each year, yet millions of Americans continue to set goals with high hopes of a better year ahead. In brief, resolutions don’t work.

Is there a better way?

 When it comes to health, many people have great intentions.

  • Loose 10 or more pounds.
  • Eat less sugar.
  • Eat more healthy food (fruits and vegetables).
  • Cut out junk food, processed food.

What is the source of these resolutions. Sometime they are based on “shoulds” or guilt  “I should lose weight.” “I should exercise more.”

Unfortunately these “shoulds” lack a good “why.” When I coach healthy aging clients, I go beyond the first and usually a superficial reason. For example, when I ask why they want to lose weight the answer is often “I want to look better.” Then I explore why they want to look better until they get to the underlying reason: For example, they want to be able to have enough energy to play with their grandchildren.

A client of mine set an intention to lose 15 pounds. His “why” is to be able to travel to Costa Rica and climb the mountains there.

Here are some suggestions to insure your success.

  1. State your goal as an intention that is measurable, achievable, reasonable, and time-limited.
  2. Write it down.
  3. Create milestones. Work backward starting with the final milestone.
  4. Have a “Why” as part of your milestone.
  5. Schedule it. Write it in your calendar
  6. Get a buddy or coach to keep you accountable.

Many people struggle with making changes to food preparation to convert to a healthier, lower calory dietl

Here are some suggestions:

  • Create a menu and make a shopping list. Most people have 5 or 10 favorite meals. Start with those.
  • Many meals can be prepared with healthier ingredients. Ask me for suggestions.
  • Clear out your pantry and get rid of all that unwanted processed and junk food. Having it around will be a great temptation you don’t want.


Here are some of my intentions for the year:

  • Limit my food choices to ones that are heart-healthy. I already do a good job of that.
  • Create an exercise plan to support my other healthy choices.

I invite you to reconsider your healthy aging intentions for the year.

I’d love to know if these ideas are helpful to you. I’m available to assist you in exploring ways that you can stay healthy as you age through good nutrition. Please contact me for a free healthy aging assessment

Wishing you a fabulous 2021

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